Community-Based Research:



To improve the back yard of Richards School for Richards school children, so that:

  1. it supports the needs of the PE program for all grades
  2. it supports positive, inclusive recess options for children of all abilities in grades 2-5 (according to the developmental needs of these ages)
  3. is optimized for our climate during the school year
  4. it is inviting and attractive to students, parents, staff, and neighbors
  5. it reflects the priority our community places on children and schools.

What are we proposing

  1. Two multi-sport hardsurface courts, roughly in the space of two existing western tennis courts.
  2. Installing winter-friendly, inclusive, and developmentally challenging play structures in the east, with shade trees in the southeast corner. (Representative depiction of this play area below.)

What we are requesting from the school board

That the school district require collaboration in planning and fundraising among "tennis" interests and "playground" interests. By coming to agreement on the area of one USTA-sized athletic court and the bonus space, we could improve the back yard together and approach fundraising together.

That the school administration fosters a discovery process that is transparent and democratic, to answer outstanding questions and optimize tradeoff decisions for the back yard in alignment with the findings of the surveys and stakeholder interviews.

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playground view
playground view
playground view

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